Other Helpful Session Info

    • For the tablework, you will lie fully clothed on a cushioned massage table, and I will have blankets and pillows to ensure comfort. As I channel the Reiki, I will be guided to lightly place my hands on your head, shoulders, limbs and certain chakras.  In sensitive areas I will hold my hands slightly above the body.  If you would prefer to have no contact during the sessions, please let me know.
    • It is best to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, such as yoga clothes, for your Reiki sessions. Please dress in layers; some people’s body temperatures drop a bit when they are on the table, while others can grow quite warm.  The Reiki energy affects everyone differently.  It is recommended that you eat a nourishing meal before your session and drink plenty of water, so that you are comfortable and hydrated.  I will also have hot tea and filtered water on hand, as well as chocolate (which helps with grounding post-session).
    • During each session, depending on your current needs and where we are in the work, we will be spiritually guided to use any combination of counseling, mediumship, channeling, past life work, chakra work, and psychic readings to support and further your healing. Every session is different, and to get the most out of each appointment, it is best to be open to the combination of techniques that would most benefit your present situation.  It is not unusual for initial goals to expand in surprising (but healing) directions.  An openness to the flow will ensure powerful, enjoyable work for us both.
    • I recommend giving yourself some TLC and down-time after each session to integrate the energetic and emotional work we’ve accomplished. Most people sleep quite soundly the night after an appointment, and continued hydration for the next 24 hours helps the body to flush out any energy that is not needed.  I am always available via email for questions and follow-up if anything arises post-session.
    • Please contact me for all session pricing. I accept cash, check or credit card; I am not able to accept insurance at this time.  To make an appointment, please visit the “Contact” page and send me a message with the best way to reach you; I will be in touch so we can schedule a time to meet.  I look forward to working with you!