Modalities Used in My Healing Work

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I hold a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a Holistic Focus, from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. This intensive three-year program gave me real-world training via internship trauma counseling, as well as requiring ongoing personal analysis, healing and growth. I have always been a strong proponent of therapy, taking responsibility for your unhealed wounding and trauma, and taking steps to heal and release what no longer serves. Lightworkers can only help others when they are themselves doing the work to clear out personal lower vibrations and old trauma energy Doing my own therapeutic and spiritual work over the past 20+ years has greatly prepared me for helping others in their healing journeys.

In my practice, I am a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who does Soul-Level Healing. This means that I help clients connect their present-life issues, struggles and unhealed traumas to deeper past life patterning, which reveals soul lessons they have been trying to master for lifetimes, and soul wounding that has been brought forward into this life around those lessons.  Therapeutically, I specialize in current and past life trauma, PTSD, grief, depression, anxiety and deep fears, Inner Child work, trust issues, empowerment issues and relational struggles, all of which are connected to much deeper life-to-life soul lessons and relationship contracts

In helping clients uncover their deepest soul lessons, I see wounding most often in the throat chakra (the ability to speak one’s truth, speak up for oneself in a balanced and healthy way, and communicate with compassion, strength and clarity); the heart chakra (the ability to feel compassion, unconditionally love and connect to others, and unconditionally love and connect to oneself); the solar plexus chakra (self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, empowerment, taking responsibility for oneself, free will, personal identity); and the root chakra (grounding, safety, foundation, survival, belonging, the basic right to be here). 

I strongly believe in the mind-body-spirit connection, and empowering my clients to discover their inherent inner power, strength, resilience and wisdom as they face the challenges of the 3D world. Because of my own struggles with empowerment and self-trust (two of my own deepest life-to-life soul lessons), I am passionate about helping clients learn to empower and trust themselves as they face the challenges in their lives. And I am passionate about helping clients uncover their inner wisdom and healing abilities – on a soul level, you are always your own best healer!

Reiki and Chakra Healing

Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, high-vibration energy channeled from a higher source. It is intelligent and knows exactly where to go in the client’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual energy fields to help heal imbalances, for the client’s highest good at that time.  On a physical level, Reiki can help with stress reduction or easing pain or physical injury.  However, physical symptoms are most often connected to deeper emotional and psychological states; the body always has ways to let us know what needs work emotionally.

I use Reiki as a foundation for all my sessions; the bulk of the therapeutic and spiritual work occurs on the table with Reiki as the underlying “support” energy.  I combine my clinical therapeutic training with chakra healing, mediumship and intuitive readings, shamanic healing, and past life work to uncover deeper life-to-life soul lessons and relationship contracts.  This broader understanding greatly aids in the processing, healing and permanent release of present and past life traumas, and helps clients find ways to understand and handle current difficult situations or relationships.

My clinical background keeps the one-on-one sessions grounded as I help clients move through their spiritual healing journey.  My sessions are highly intuitively guided, and depending on your current needs and interests, we will be spiritually guided to use any combination of clinical counseling, mediumship, channeling, past life work, shamanic healing, chakra work, and intuitive readings to support and further your healing.  I often utilize the seven main chakras and their corresponding emotional and psychological symbolism as a base.  (For an explanation of the chakras’ different meanings and functions, click here.)  

One of the beautiful traits of Reiki is that as it flows through a client, it often awakens and intensifies his or her own intuition, helping to achieve deeper insight and make the connections needed to more fully understand a situation. Thus, my client and I work in partnership to uncover and heal what is ready to be healed at that time. It is a beautiful process and I’m always honored to participate!

Past Life Therapy and Trauma Healing

A deep foundation of my therapeutic trauma work is the concept that we are divine souls who have chosen to incarnate repeatedly on this plane to learn and master deeper soul lessonsAs Lightworkers, we are carrying not only wounding around these soul lessons on a personal level from multiple lives, but also ancestral wounding and collective wounding around bigger human themes.  It is a tremendous amount of energy to work through and release, but we have signed up for this as part of our journey to heal ourselves and raise the collective vibration of the planet.  Identifying your personal past life patterning around major soul lessons is a perfect place to start the healing journey.

Exploring your past lives around specific themes can bring clarity about the deeper soul lessons you’ve been working on from lifetime to lifetime, and can greatly broaden your perspective about long-held patterns, relationships, behaviors and beliefs.  In my practice, I have found that nearly all major current life traumas, difficult relationships and painful issues hold deep emotional and energetic roots in past lives (connected to deep soul lessons) and within life-to-life relationship contracts.

Past life therapy allows individuals to witness (from a safe, supported space) traumatic past lives which are still impacting them today, often unknowingly.  Taking it a step further, shamanically connecting with the traumatized past life incarnation (a deeply wounded soul part that needs reintegration) can be powerfully healing, and the positive effects can ripple forward into the present life in fascinating ways.  As a trauma therapist, I specialize in this type of past life work, specifically around healing trauma and helping clients release long-standing soul patterns of behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve them.

I am also certified to give more formal Akashic Records readings.  The Akashic Records contain a complete record of our souls’ existence from the beginning, including every life we have lived on this planet (as well as all other dimensions, realities and existences).  Accessing the Records can enlighten us by giving us the bigger picture of our soul’s journey through growth and evolution, capturing patterns of both “failures” (which are never really failures) and successes, so we can learn from them and apply that knowledge to this life.  If we find that a more formal reading would be useful to aid in healing, we can come up with appropriate questions and I will channel the answers either during the session verbally, or after the session in writing.

Mediumship and Channeling

As a psychic medium, I serve as a conduit for energy from the Other Side, a connection between our plane and the Spirit plane.  “Spirit” consists of all energy we cannot perceive with our physical eye, including deceased loved ones and animals, guides, angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings, Mother Earth, elementals and myriad other beings of light.  That plane has unlimited access to ours, and our loved ones are always around, watching over us and sending assistance and support.

One of the most important messages I give as a medium is that because there is always a bigger picture, our deceased loved ones have crossed over at the time they did for a reason, even if it seemed traumatic, unexpected or premature.  This does not discount our very real grief, but they do want us to know they are safe, healing and continuing to grow and evolve on the Other Side.

I often channel messages from clients’ loved ones, their spiritual teams of guides, the angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings of light, and whomever else Spirit feels would best serve the person at that moment.  The messages are always for the client’s highest good at that point in his or her life, so I do not control who comes through, or the content of the information; I am simply the conduit.  In my experience, the messages always come from a place of love and are inherently healing for the recipient.  And quite often, these messages have unexpected humor that raises our vibrations and aids in the healing process!  😊

Animal Communication

In my mediumship work, I communicate with animals on the Other Side as well as (human) loved ones.  This helps tremendously in the grief process after we lose one of our beloved furry family members.  One of the most important messages I give from the souls of crossed-over pets is that they are still around us all of the time, watching over us, playing with our other animals and children, and free from all age- and illness-related pain and struggle. 

I can also connect psychically with your living pet, and help address questions or concerns you may have.  As with all people in our lives, we have soul contracts with all animals in our lives.  I am trained to do soul-level animal communication as taught by Danielle MacKinnon, and specialize in helping you discern your deeper soul contracts with your pets – why they are with you, and what they are here to help you learn in this lifetime.  Often, they have been with you for many lives, and have much wisdom on a soul level to share with you.

Spiritual Classes and Mentoring

Spiritual beliefs and practices are very personal and highly individual. I strongly believe that every one of us comes here with our own spiritual path to walk, which includes all religions, cultures and backgrounds. Because I am highly independent and value practicing what is right for me, I respect that independence in others. I understand that what works for me might not work for someone else, as we each have our own paths to follow.

As such, I believe we ultimately need to listen to our own intuition when it comes to finding our spiritual direction, over any self-proclaimed “authority.” Heart-centered discernment is key when evaluating and studying any spiritual belief, theory, concept, healing modality, teacher, book, etc. In the end, we are always our own best guides for our soul growth and development.

That being said, I do also believe each and every one of us has intuitive/medium/psychic abilities, but often we are unsure how to control or hone them, how to protect ourselves and develop good boundaries, etc. Because it can be difficult to know where to start, I developed classes to share what I’ve learned on my journey (often, unfortunately, the hard way 😉). I truly believe that fostering community in this work, where we can share our experiences, connect through mutual learning, growth and inspiration, and realize we are never alone, is essential on this path.

Please contact me for details and to find out when the next available round of classes will be starting! Topics cover a variety of psychic and mediumship self-development issues, including, among other subjects:

• The five “clairs” – ways in which we all receive psychic information
• The seven chakras, their psychological, emotional and spiritual symbolism, and how you can incorporate them in readings and healings
• Guides, angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings, Mother Earth, oracles and other spiritual helpers
• Self-trust, personal empowerment and perceived safety in this work
• Energy management, balance and self-awareness on this path
• Importance of self-awareness, personal responsibility and continually doing your own healing work
• Boundaries, safety and intention: “negative” entities, lower vibrations, earthbound spirits
• Balance between a spiritual path and living day-to-day on this planet
• Support around incorporating spirituality into professional work (for therapists and other helping professions)
• Psychometry and other types of psychic readings
• Other topics as needed and as I’m intuitively guided