There is a massive paradigm shift calling for global, soul-level evolution, and Lightworkers incarnated at this time are being summoned to serve the planet to help raise the collective vibration.  However, and seemingly paradoxically, a great number of Lightworkers feel tremendously energetically, spiritually, and emotionally “blocked” right now.

This might manifest as, among other things:

  • ongoing energetic chakra blockages
  • difficulty identifying or “controlling” your spiritual gifts
  • obstructed intuition and spiritual connection (feeling like you’re “offline”)
  • chronic anxiety, depression, stress, or other emotional issues
  • self-worth, self-trust and personal empowerment issues
  • relational struggles
  • chronic or unexplained physical symptoms
  • struggle defining or pursuing your true soul purpose

This is because, as Lightworkers, we are being called to first face and heal our OWN deepest soul wounds and traumas from this and many past lives.  As healers, we know that connecting deeply with and empowering all parts of our own soul – including healing present and past life traumas – will help us better serve our clients.  Only then can we really step into our true power and help others the way we are meant to.

If you intuitively know you are here to help others heal and raise the vibration of this world, but feel blocked or held back by fear, trauma or unhealed wounds, please book a free consultation call with me today.  It is my passion, and my soul purpose, to help high-level healers (that’s you!) release and heal what is blocking you so that you can fully embrace your light and share your gifts with the world!

Know This:  If you are on this site, you are a Lightworker, and it’s time to fully embrace your gifts and share your light with the world in the way you were meant to!  If you feel stuck or blocked around doing so, you have come to the right place.

Book a Complimentary Intuitive Consultation

**Prior to scheduling for ANY individual work, group classes, workshops or Reiki trainings, I will conduct a free initial intuitive and therapeutic assessment call with you for approximately 30-45 minutes via phone. 

  • For individual work, this allows you to share your story and identify why you are seeking help, and I can assess where you are in your therapeutic, healing and spiritual journey. I also begin to receive intuitive information on this call, which will help us decide what would best serve you at this point in your process. Should we both feel that you would be better served by one of my colleagues, I will be happy to refer you out.
  • For group classes, workshops and Reiki trainings, the calls help me intuitively place students together based on their energy and where they are in their spiritual and healing journey.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  My office is located in Arlington, MA, but I regularly work long-distance with clients across the country (and internationally) via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video or Skype video sessions. The deep healing work remains the same whether in person or over video, and I can send distant-Reiki during the video session.

Learn about the modalities I use in my sessions HERE.



  • Psych/trauma therapy component
  • Mediumship/shamanic healing component
  • Energy work/chakra component
  • Time Investment:  1.5 hours each, minimum commitment of 3 sessions
  • Can be weekly or every two to three weeks
  • In-person or long-distance via video

**All sessions, depending on individual need, may include mental health counseling and trauma therapy, inner child work, Reiki and chakra work, Angelic Light Ray Healing, AngelFire Healing, mediumship, shamanic and past life healing, spiritual mentoring, intuitive readings and channeling, etc.

**All sessions are highly guided by Spirit around the consecutive unfolding of soul themes and processes in the individual healing journey.  Each session is very unique, but is part of the overall “treatment plan.”  As the sessions build upon one another, the soul's story unfolds, the energy grows and there is deep progress and permanent healing.


(1) Beginning Lightworkers who want spiritual mentorship to explore and develop their gifts. 

  • These sessions are for those who know on some level that they are healers and intuitives, but perhaps have not had the chance to formally grow, develop, and trust their abilities.
  • These clients are on a quest to uncover or strengthen their spiritual gifts and discover their true soul path. I am passionate about helping my Lightworker clients recognize the powerful healing and medium abilities that they already possess on a soul level!  This is usually reinforced by a long past life pattern around specific gifts and abilities, which can be exciting and encouraging to learn about. 
  • I also help you heal fears, blocks, or wounds preventing you from fully embracing your spiritual gifts.
  • Opening up to your gifts can include chakra work, ancestral and lineage healing, past life and shamanic work, Angel Light Ray Healing, AngelFire Healing, etc.
  • Some of what we will explore includes meeting guides and other beings of light on your Team, identifying which clairs your soul most prefers to use, clearing present and past life trauma energy that is blocking deeper connection with Spirit, and working on issues of self-trust, safety, and empowerment. 

(2) Experienced Lightworkers who want permanent trauma healing on a soul level so they can fully serve others. 

  • These sessions are for those who want to work with an issue or pattern that is deeply entrenched and has been repeating for many lifetimes. These clients have already experienced a form of therapy and in-depth personal exploration; are well-aware of their deeper issues and patterns; and are ready to finally achieve permanent healing to raise their Lightworker vibrations so that they can serve the world as they were meant to. 
  • In these sessions we explore your deeper life-to-life soul lessons, which are the root of “stubborn” present life issues and dysfunctional behaviors and relationships. We all incarnate repeatedly to work on our deeper soul lessons, and deciphering those patterns enacts a shift in perspective for greater healing and release.
  • Fully stepping into your light might require deeper chakra work to clear soul-level fears/blocks/wounds, Inner Child work and trauma healing, past life and shamanic work, ancestral and lineage healing, balancing the inner Divine Masculine and Feminine, Angel Light Ray Healing, AngelFire Healing, etc.



**Services available for all types of sessions, depending on what is needed at the time, include:

  • REIKI as a foundation for all of our work
    • Chakra Exploration – deeper energy work focusing on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual symbolism of the chakras
    • Chakra Healing – identifying deeper soul lessons and life-to-life relationship contracts, and releasing soul-level wounding accrued around these themes in your soul’s journey
    • Releasing Collective Wounded Chakra Energy – identifying and releasing chakra energy that belongs to greater collective wounding (connected to your personal soul lessons)
  • MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING AND TRAUMA THERAPY as a foundation for all of our work
    • Inner Child Work – present life therapy focused on unhealed childhood, adolescent and adult trauma via the inner child soul part
    • Past Life Therapy – past life therapy with both healed and wounded past life incarnation soul parts, focused on deeper life-to-life soul lessons and patterns (Akashic Records/Past Life Readings included)
    • Shamanistic Healing – identifying, healing and integrating lost or wounded soul parts from this and other lives; integrating your shadow self (shameful, painful or rejected soul parts)
    • Ancestral and Lineage Healing – identifying and releasing toxic cycles and patterns of abuse and wounding that your soul might be carrying from prior generations of family
    • Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings, Mother Earth and Other Beings of Light – accessing their wisdom, knowledge and healing
    • Your Spiritual Team – connecting to your human and animal guides, power animals, angels, elementals and myriad other beings
    • Your Higher Self – accessing its immense power and wisdom for greater healing and integration
    • Your Inner Divine Masculine and Feminine Soul Energies – allowing you to fully step into and embrace the healthiest expression of your light and power
    • Crossed-over Loved Ones – connecting for healing, grief work and forgiveness
    • Higher Selves of Living Loved Ones – connecting if it is for the highest good of both to facilitate healing
    • Animal Communication – connecting with both crossed-over animals and the Higher Selves of living animals
    • Earthbound Spirits – connecting for healing and release if needed