Speaking and Teaching Engagements

As my work and experiences have greatly expanded (sometimes in surprising ways!) over the years, so has my love for teaching and sharing what I’ve learned.  I began giving public presentations in 2011, and have been asked to speak in graduate school classes, hospitals, holistic retreats and healing symposiums over the past few years.

My passion for helping others learn the tools for their own soul healing and empowerment continues to grow, and I am always open to new speaking engagements!  Please feel free to reach out if you feel my philosophy and work resonate with your vision, as I would love to hear your opportunity.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with Distinction, University of Washington (Seattle, WA) – 1999
  • Graduate Certificate in Publishing, New York University (New York, NY) – 2000
  • Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling with a Holistic Focus, Lesley University (Cambridge, MA) – 2014


  • Reiki Classes – Levels I through Master Teacher
  • Mediumship, Psychic Development and Spiritual Mentoring Classes
  • Holistic Therapists Support and Education Group
  • Self-Care for Healers Series
  • Various one-day workshops centered around spiritual and therapeutic healing and growth


  • Lesley University, MA (2011):  Theories of Holistic Counseling and Psychotherapy (Masters-level Class).  Topic:  “Mediumship and Intuitive Messages in Therapy”
  • Lesley University, MA (2014):  Narrative Therapy: Culture, Therapy and Social Change (Masters-level Class). Topic:  “Mediumship and Intuitive Messages in Therapy”
  • Lesley University, MA (2015):  LU Health Fair Reiki Table.  Topic:  “Reiki and Chakra Healing 101”
  • Lesley University, MA (2016):  LU Health Fair Reiki Table.  Topic:  “Reiki and Chakra Healing 101”
  • Lahey Peabody Cancer Center, MA (2016):  Survivors Support Group.  Topic:  “Reiki and Chakra Healing 101”
  • Lesley University, MA (2017):  Treating the Addictions (Masters-level Class).  Topic:  “Psychology and the Chakras”
  • Sacred Soul Alchemy Retreat, NC (2018):  Annual Holistic Healing Retreat.  Topic:  “Soul-Level Trauma Healing and Integration:  Explore Your Life-to-Life Soul Lessons and Relationship Contracts and Begin to Fully Embrace Your Light”
  • Online Channeling Symposium with 12 Mediums (2018):  Hosted by Psychic Medium Cheryl Lynn Gramp.  Topic:  “Celebrity Channelings Regarding Life-to-Life Soul Lessons”
  • Online Holistic Campus Practitioner Summit (2018):  Presented by Holistic Campus, Inc.  Topic:  “Soul Lessons and Relationship Contracts:  Gaining a Deeper Understanding”


  • Mass General Hospital, MA (Fall 2019):  Topic:  “Reiki and Integrative Care
  • Holistic Therapists Symposium (Spring 2019):   Host, Founder of NE Association of Holistic Therapists
  • Women’s Retreat for Healers, MA (Spring 2020):  Topic:  “Mediumship and Intuitive Messages in Healing Professions”