Vanessa L. Vlahakis, M.A., RMT

High Priestess in Chucks

I am a clinical mental health counselor, spiritual guide, psychic medium, channel, shamanic healer and Reiki Master Teacher who strongly believes there is always a much “bigger picture” regarding our life circumstances, from the profound to the minuscule, the most joyful to the most challenging.  My work has led me to extensively explore interdimensional soul existence and past lives; deeper life-to-life soul lessons and their profound impact on our daily living; and soul groups with their multifaceted relationship contracts, among other things.

I work with soul healers of all sorts – caretakers, therapists, mental health counselors, yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners/energy workers, spiritual coaches, professional mediums and intuitives, teachers, nurses, artists – anyone in a helping profession (in other words, Lightworkers!).  Many are just discovering their intuitive and healing abilities, while others are far along on their path.  Most feel somehow emotionally or energetically blocked in their journey to help evolve the planet, due to unprocessed trauma and old wounding.  I am here to help permanently clear those blocks by broadening your perspective for soul-level processing, healing and release.  My clinical trauma training keeps us grounded as we integrate larger spiritual concepts to facilitate your journey of healing.  It is time for all healers to permanently release ancient patterns of soul wounding so they can finally step into their light!

If you are ready to fully embrace your Lightworker role to help raise the collective vibration, book a call with me now!

How Can I Support Your Journey?


  • Heidi D.
    My experience with Vanessa has been amazing!  She is very skilled at what she does.  The time I have spent with her has helped me make tremendous progress mentally, emotionally and physically. I have worked with several energy workers and Vanessa has been the most profoundly gifted and helpful.  Spirit clearly guided me to her and I am forever grateful.
    Heidi D.
  • Rena G.
    Last week I had an extraordinary session with Vanessa. It helped me so much and the effects continue to reverberate. Just wanted to share with all of you.  Vanessa is an amazing healer. My session with her moved so much blocked energy and resolved some deep family wounds.
    Rena G.
  • Ben L.
    Vanessa is a very gifted, intuitive, and empathic healer. Through her guidance I was able to reconnect with higher self and become more grounded. Vanessa connected me with 2 past lives and I was able to take the lesson that needed to be learned from them and apply it to my current life. I would highly recommend Vanessa for anyone who is looking to heal from past life experiences that are unresolved.
    Ben L.
  • Qat W.
    Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to work with you. Our sessions together have been so healing for me on not just a spiritual level, but a mental, emotional, and even physical level as well. You have been able to tune in to me and help me realize things about myself that even my closest friends have been unable to.  Sometimes I don’t even realize how beneficial our sessions have been until hours, days or even weeks afterwards. Things will happen, and suddenly I will just think, oh that’s right Vanessa talked about this! From the bottom of my heart, thank you a million times over!
    Qat W.
  • Julie T.
    I began working with Vanessa after the hard, untimely death of an old friend that pitched me into a time of depression and anxiety that seemed way out of proportion to the nature of our relationship. Vanessa’s unique combination of skills - psychotherapist, Reiki Master, and spirit medium - were really effective in helping me find peace with my friend’s death quite quickly. Her ability to connect with him on a spirit level and bring reassurances of his well-being and happiness there made a huge difference in my letting go of my anguish on his behalf. Working further on my own issues of grief, despair, and fear we went back into previous lives and found the origin of my connection to that friend - he had been my beloved father and had abandoned me while I was still quite young by committing suicide. No wonder I felt so abandoned again when he drank himself to death in this life! This insight, and the reconnection and healing we were able to do with Vanessa mediating, have been extremely helpful to me. I have referred a lot of others to Vanessa because she is such a loving, wonderfully skilled and gifted therapist. I am so grateful to have her in my life!
    Julie T.
  • Karla F.
    Vanessa is incredibly talented and insightful.  She's helped me deepen my understanding of myself, especially at times when I've really needed guidance.  Vanessa's work allows me to really listen to the universe, unobstructed.  I never thought that Reiki would have helped me on my path, but I'm incredibly happy to have found Vanessa and grateful for her enormous talent.
    Karla F.
  • Joanne R.
    I have practiced getting still and going deep in meditation and exploring the many parts of me. When I worked with Vanessa, she brought me deeper into places that brought so much light and understanding, so much healing and direction for my soul. I felt her presence and support every minute, and that inspired my whole process. Vanessa is genuine, skilled, kind, insightful and inspiring simply being who she is and doing what she does. I highly recommend her and her work for anyone open and willing to explore, to grow, to experience more of themselves and life and be lifted higher because of it. It freed me not just for myself, but for all those with whom I work and interact. The effects are lasting and profound. Thank you so much Vanessa!
    Joanne R.
  • Chrystal K.
    Breakthrough Share: I had a past life healing session with Vanessa on Sunday. She is indeed gifted and the session was powerful! I have never in all these years given up trying to show up but it was so healing for me to see the deeper story of why I've been so afraid to step out enough to build momentum. I left the session with peace and felt like I was home. Today I created a bunch of focused videos to start posting in my [professional] group! It's been so long, feels so good!
    Chrystal K.
  • Kate G.
    Vanessa is a powerful healer who weaves together the practices of Reiki, past life healing, spiritual guidance and crystals to support her clients in healing deep wounds. She provides a gentle, safe and supportive space for her clients to work. Personally, Vanessa's approach to healing has offered me the opportunity to connect to and heal from past traumas that I had never been able to work on despite exploring many different healing modalities over many decades. Vanessa is a kind, nurturing and gifted energetic therapist and our work together has opened up my life in many amazing ways for which I am incredibly grateful.
    Kate G.
  • Lauren G.
    I just wanted to say thank you Vanessa for all your help. You helped me open up to see a part of me that was lost. Your gift is amazing, I just want everyone to know how incredible you are and how you truly heal from your heart. I am so blessed to know you are here for me when I need you. You are worth every penny. Peace & Light
    Lauren G.
  • T.D.
    I have to testify about an AWESOME SESSION I had with Vanessa recently.  I am so overwhelmed, overjoyed, and unblocked!!!  I did my work in learning all that I could on my own prior to reaching out to her, but recently I felt that the time was right and that she was the right person to lead me on this part of my journey.  I have been very close to ultimate success in so many areas, on numerous occasions, but would lose momentum or grow really tired or would feel blocked.  Vanessa helped me to identify, unite with, and heal the distressed past life incarnation that was blocking (to protect) me.  I have accomplished more in the last week (in a lot of areas of my life) than in the past month.  My mind is clearer, my defenses are down, my energy is flowing, I am no longer afraid to succeed, and my past life incarnation is working with me towards our success.  I gained so much clarity/confirmation. Thank you so much, Vanessa, for assisting me to gain insight into my past life incarnations, my guides, and other key aspects about me.  Your delicate guidance was appreciated and necessary, since this was my first official time with someone of your expertise.  Thank you for being patient and non-judgmental as you answered all of my questions and helped me to understand the world beyond my physical sight.  You are amazing and I will forever be grateful for you.  Thank you for helping me to walk through doors that I spiritually knew were there, but physical could not find.  And imagine where we may be if you had not come into my life. What you did for me is life changing. Thank you so much Vanessa!!!
  • Eric G.
    I’ll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about doing Reiki since I didn’t know much about it, but my roommate highly recommended Vanessa since she did wonders for her shoulder injury.  I’ve been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my knee and lately it’s been stiffening up on me.  After having a session with Vanessa, I can say that I have noticed less stiffness and pain in my knee, and I feel more movement than before.  We also explored some of the underlying energetic and emotional issues of my arthritis, which really gave me insight.  Vanessa definitely helped to make the arthritis manageable.  I liked how she explained every step to me to put me at ease, and she was very easy to talk to.  I’ll definitely be seeing her again, and highly recommend her for healing across many levels.
    Eric G.
  • Kelly G.
    Reiki can be unknown to many, but anyone in need of a connecting and healing experience should go to Vanessa.  She somehow manages to find what is troubling one, and can bring it to surface in the most patient, gentle and loving way.  She can help you reach life-changing breakthroughs mentally and emotionally and in turn you will feel revitalized and energized, with the weight of the world gone. In the past, I'd gone to other Reiki 'masters' and felt nothing different.  When I went to Vanessa, it was an emotionally liberating and clearing-of-the-mind experience.  I left with peace and intention and wisdom on myself.  Everything she says and does has an intention of healing.  Vanessa is true and gifted healer.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a healer in their life like Vanessa.
    Kelly G.
  • Elyse S.
    This is not just a typical Reiki session where you lie on the table and receive Reiki and it's quiet for an hour. Vanessa combines psychotherapy, Reiki, and spiritual messages through mediumship. It’s a beautiful combination of somebody who has the knowledge of a psychologist and the energy training of Reiki and mediumship. Vanessa is a powerful vehicle for Spirit, offering healing messages that bring an understanding that Spirit is always present. I experience her as highly informed, not only about the emotions related to particular chakras, but also the science regarding moving and releasing negative energy surrounding wounds and traumas. It seems like this is a true calling for Vanessa, as she is naturally insightful and intuitive. I have found that Vanessa is very safe, someone with whom you can repair trust issues and form a meaningful connection. She is calm and inviting, yet she has a knack for pulling things out of people in the best way. She is "goes there" with the person during a session but doesn’t push, and lets the client go at their own pace. What I like best is that she helps to co-create a partnership, an enriched environment. She’s not there to "fix" us, but to work together to heal. We're on this journey together, and she's the guide. She's not simply giving me Reiki, she's partnering in the entire process, explaining as she goes. Vanessa is a very down-to-earth, grounded and humanistic healer. She is very good at explaining what she is doing before she does it, and throughout the process I am always able to ask questions. She is both connected to Spirit and grounded in reality in a balanced way. She works with everyday issues, and is just as capable of dealing with bigger picture spiritual issues. I enjoy the consistent practice guided by her and look forward to my bi-monthly sessions.
    Elyse S.


Evening Self-Care for Healers Series

FOR HEALERS LOCAL TO NEW ENGLAND: As I have built my practice and refined my "tribe," it's become very clear to me that I am here to heal the healers around old wounds, blocks, traumas, and other situations preventing them from stepping fully into their light in this life. As a result, over the years I have connected to a beautiful community of therapists, holistic nurses, yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners, mediums, and other spiritual professionals - healers and caretakers of all types.✨ There are two recurring themes I hear from all of my clients and students: a need for community and connection, and a need for better self-care. Thus, I was guided to create a series of four in-person classes that can foster both for my gorgeous, hard-working healer colleagues! 🌟 Click below to view the flier for this class. It begins in a month, purposely to embrace the shift in energy from heavy, slow summer heat to the cool, crisp, lighter fall air. It's being held in the evenings to connect with the moon and powerful night energy, to draw in deep spiritual support and healing energy as we focus on recentering, reconnection to self, and soul rejuvenation. 🦋 If this series of classes resonates for you, please reach out. I truly look forward to spending these special evenings with you. ❤️



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As a medium, I regularly channel messages from Spirit – my team of guides and angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings, Mother Earth and other beings of light. I also channel messages from a group of people on the Other Side who chose to be celebrities in their most recent incarnations, and who have gained broader spiritual perspectives and wisdom around the soul lessons we are all here to learn.


In 2015 I became pregnant with my first child, a baby girl, and thus began an amazing spiritual journey that continues to this day. My connection to her fully illustrates the importance of life-to-life soul lessons and relationship contracts, and I share my story here in case it inspires and helps others more fully understand their own experiences.